Pray About It

I am constantly in awe of God. I see miracles happen constantly and every time I am in awe at just how awesome our God is. Lets just say my life has been rough lately, to put it lightly. I moved 12 hours away from my beloved home and loved ones, only for things at home to go completely awry shortly after I settled in here at Las Cruces. On top of that I am a fixer. I tend to want to take charge and “mother hen” the situation. I want to take care of my loved ones and fix the situations. That gets complicated when you are 12 hours away, and things are more than slightly out of your control anyways. And let me tell you I am not good with out of control. I like for everything to have its place, I want a plan. I want to know what is going on. I like everything neatly packaged with a nice little bow but basically, life is anything but neatly packaged with a nice little bow. I think it is easy to say that what I am currently going through is the roughest time of my young life but God has done something amazing for me.

Let me rewind for a second. I want to share a snippet of my testimony because, to me, it is just so aweing. I had an unofficial deal worked out so that I would be able to get my Masters at Oklahoma State, and then it fell through; little did I know God was at work. A few weeks later I would board a plane for a conference with the Auburn Animal Science Department Head. The next morning I received an email from a professor there with a graduate offer. The following week I was in Alabama. Several days after receiving this offer, before I made my voyage to Auburn I had also received an offer to New Mexico State with my current undergraduate advisors from OSU. So, I had a lot to contemplate on this 13-hour journey. I knew immediately that Auburn was not for me. Nothing against the school, the campus was gorgeous and the people were great, but I just knew. Shortly after, I made my visit to New Mexico and fell in love. The tell-tell sign that gave it away was I saw my opportunity in my meeting to bring up churches in the area, to which the professor replied, “I am glad you asked! Many of us go to church together and one of the professors holds bible study at his house every week for the graduate students.” I was sold. This is where God wanted me. But God had to take me to Auburn to open my heart up to be willing to move to New Mexico (I tend to want to keep my feet firmly planted at home). The fact that God took all of these intricate steps to get my heart in the right place is just astounding to me.

Now back to the original story. It is these amazing people at this amazing bible study that have not only helped me through this tough time but also opened my eyes. When I came to them with my difficult situation there was nothing but wide-open, loving arms, and acceptance and ever since then the advice has always been to “follow God, listen to what he has to say, and pray.” Wow! I am literally surrounded by such a great cohort (yes, this is an animal science term, I had to throw it in there somewhere) of people that I get to call my friends. They have truly opened my eyes to how I want to be. I was once the opinionated person that when someone would come to me for advice I had no problem giving it to them but I am learning to simply listen and provide the kind words that simply say “pray about it”.

“Don’t worry about anything, but pray about everything. With thankful hearts offer up your prayers and requests to God.” Philippians 4:6

Life is tough. We live in a new day and age where we as young adults are experiencing challenges that the older generation doesn’t really know how to cope with. Life simply isn’t black and white and to learn how to deal with the gray we have to turn to God. I have been blessed to be surrounded by so many open minded, loving, Godly people. Not only here at NMSU but literally around the U.S. In bible study this week we read a passage from Job where his friend is essentially telling him he is a sinner and he should repent. His friend thought he was giving Godly advice. However, this friend didn’t know the full situation, only God did. To me this was a reminder to keep an open mind and to not only turn to God for advice but to also remember to advise others to seek God’s advice instead of interjecting my own. You never know what is going on behind the scenes, just like with Job. Only you know what God is speaking to you. In closing, I’ll leave you this:

“The second is this: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ There is no commandment greater than these.” Mark 12:31


If Time were Money, How Would You Spend Yours?

Time. It never seems as though there is enough time in a day to accomplish all that we hope to accomplish. But what if time were like money? If you could accumulate and spend your time as you chose, would you spend it wisely or would you blow your time on silly things? It’s a nice thought, however we are only given a limited amount of time on this Earth; how are you spending yours?

What makes time valuable? For me it’s the people in my life. What use would it be to have all the time in the world but no one to share it with? So often, we as humans get caught up in life and fall into the trap of believing that we don’t have time and somehow through the process our priorities get twisted out of order. Jesus spent 33 years on this Earth, yet the most important were his last three. In those last three he didn’t hole up in constant prayer and wait for God to work for him. No, he developed relationships. He knew that what was most important was spending time and loving others. A common phrase most of us heard while growing up is: “Why put off for tomorrow what you could do today?” There were good intentions behind this phrase however as I have grown older I’ve realized that there are occasions where you can put off work for tomorrow so that you can spend time with those that you love today. Our loved ones are so important. God literally calls us to love one another.

“So now I am giving you a new commandment: Love each other. Just as I have loved you, you should love each other.” John 13:34

God did not design us to be alone he designed us for relationships. God literally took a rib from Adam to create Eve so that Adam wouldn’t be alone. We need relationships with Christian people to help hold us accountable. We need relationships with people so that we can let our guard down and share the deepest struggles of our lives so that we don’t have to go through it alone. Sharing with others doesn’t make you look weak it makes you human and allows you to have a hand to hold when times get tough. It allows you to have a person that will always point you to God to help you stay on his path. Relationships can be hard, especially when you are harboring hurts from the past but in the end they are so worth the comfort and peace they provide when it is a Godly relationship. So, make time for relationships. Put people first just as our Savior did. Show the people you love how much they mean to you by making time for them. Time is one of our most precious assets. There are 86,400 seconds in a day how are you going to spend them?

Christ led me to a sermon this morning that inspired this. Take a moment to check it out. I hope it works on your heart just as it did mine.