Blessings in Disguise

It never fails when something bad happens we tend to blame God but I’ve always been told that God is in charge of the good and Satan the bad. However, God can use/ turn those bad situations into good. Tonight my heart is broken. Tonight I put down my companion. The one who has been by my side as I moved hundreds of miles away from the only place I’ve known as home, the one who comforted me through a really terrible breakup, and the one who always erased my bad days and dried any tears. It was weird. It was without warning, and it hurt. Satan tried to attack me tonight by making me feel like I am not going to escape the rut of unfortunate events that seems like a common occurrence within the last several months, but I refused to let him win. Tonight I realized something: God has immensely blessed me. That’s right in the midst of my suffering I realized God has blessed me. How? Let me explain.


Tonight I had five people take turns digging a hole to bury my furry friend in. Five friends who stood in a circle holding hands as one of them prayed over Newt and I. Five friends who hugged me and let me cry on their shoulder. And numerous other friends who checked on me after they heard the news and asked if there was anything they could do for me. Tonight I realized God has blessed me not only with amazing friends but a family away from home. I have known these people for about 5 months now and the outpour of love that has been shown to me in my time here has been astonishing. God knew exactly where he was putting me. I fought coming here to New Mexico so hard and once I arrived I didn’t want to stay, but I knew in my heart this is where God wanted me. So, against my will he kept me right here and for that I am beyond grateful.

DSC_0224“A man’s heart plans his way, But the Lord directs his steps.” Proverbs 16:9

We can fight God but we are not nearly big enough to stop his plans from happening and in the end I believe that we are happier with God’s path than our own anyhow. Maybe when bad things occur in life we should change our perspective. I think my New Year Resolution is to try to look at life with the glass half full more often.