You Live and Learn

It was harsh, it was surreal, but 2017 you taught me a lot. You taught me that life can be cruel, but it keeps going. You showed me what loss was, in every way possible. You showed me that people are cruel, and most of the time they only look out for themselves. You showed me people don’t mind hurting others as much as you would think they should. You taught me that prayers don’t always get answered no matter how hard you prayed. You taught me that cancer is horrid and that love is tough and hard.


You showed me that the ups and downs of life paints a beautiful picture. That sometimes that loss was for our own good, and in the end we are far better off. Some people may be cruel, but some are awesome, and that when life throws you major curve balls your true friends are always there. You showed me that some friends are actually family and they always have your back. You taught me that sometimes prayers don’t get answered because You have something better in store, or You’re using it for Your betterment. You showed me that through cancer, families become closer. You taught me that not all love is tough, and the right person will come along. Most importantly You taught me to love. Love before it’s too late. Love your family. Love those around you. AND love yourself.

There will always be trials and tribulations in life but love can get you through anything.

“Let all that you do be done with love.” 1 Corinthians 16:14