God’s Direct Hotline

You know that feeling you get right after you have a big, juicy steak? The satisfaction (and also the tightness of your pants) is overwhelming! The kind of satisfaction that makes you just want to take the rest of the evening easy. That kind of satisfaction is what we need to have in our daily life. We need to be so satisfied with God that we don’t need any other wordly fulfillment to briefly appease us.

I have a problem with modern day communication, if you want to even call it communication. Facebook is full of whining, Snapchat can’t even be considered communication, and even worse phone calls seem to be a thing of the past. Instead of communication they serve as distractions from the life and people in front of us, and that disappoints me. Like any 22 year old I am probably on my phone more than I should be. I check Facebook and Snapchat multiple times a day to keep up with my friends and family BUT I try really hard not to fall into the trap of letting it become my primary source of communication. I can’t hear their tone of voice or their emotion through Snapchat or Facebook. There have been times where I have deleted Snapchat because I have gotten so frustrated with its use. I was once asked one time, “What if we picked up our bible as much as we picked up our phone? After all it is our direct line to God.” We can search for satisfaction through social media but we will never find true satisfaction until we are satisfied through God.

Likes and watches can’t make you feel better. Having your phone blown up by a multitude of people on the daily only temporarily boosts your self-esteem. You have to find your true value through God, not the value of this world. Don’t look out, look up He’ll be there every time. I encourage you next time you desire to look for satisfaction outwardly, instead pick up God’s direct hotline. You will find just how much God loves you there and the satisfaction will be much much greater.

You have been bought and paid for by Christ, so you belong to him—be free now from all these earthly prides and fears. 1 Corinthians 7:23

“For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, says the Lord, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope” Jeremiah 29:11